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  • 14/Mar/2023 : A new tool “MinimalMarker" is available.
  • 11/Nov/2021 : New tools "Genome Cutter" and "BLAT" are available.
  • 11/Nov/2021 : Genome and gene annotation of A. thaliana (TAIR9/10) and Tamato, S. lycopersicum (ITAG2.4) are available in BLAST.
  • 05/Mar/2020 : Our MiGD paper was published [PubMed] [J-STAGE].
  • 07/Jun/2019 : Mikan Genome DB (MiGD) has been published.
  • 06/Aug/2019 : NARO issued a press release announcing the Mikan Genome Database. [EN] [JP]